who we are

Our church began in 1932 after a spirit of revival swept through the community of Black Jack,  North Carolina, during the Great Depression. Through prayers and supplication, as well as  the unmovable faith of our leaders and members, our church grew to what we see today. 

We praise the Lord for His wonderful mercy and providence in allowing us to push forward and minister to our community for decades, and we strive to continue His work by reaching up to Him and reaching out to others! 

From the words of a former pastor: 

" May the rich heritage of the past impel us to greater achievements tomorrow. May the memory of those who suffered both physically and mentally that the Pentecostal message might be planted in this community, prove the incentive to those of us in the present who attempt to perpetuate their message. May our quest be after Holiness of life and may our goal be that of communicating this truth to our generation.

--R. M. Stewart