Three Ways to Give

Giving is NOW Easier!

If you would like to give to Black Jack PFWB Church but don't have cash or a checkbook on hand, you can give today online. 

Whether it is your monthly tithe or a one-time offering, giving is now easier. Just click the WEBSITE  link below or send a text with your phone

to make your donation. 

We appreciate your support!

  • 1. By Text

    text blackjackchurch

    to 73256

    Type content here...

  • 2. on our Website

    Click here for

    online giving

    Type content here...

  • 3. Traditional

    with Cash or Check.

    Envelopes are in back of Pews

    Type content here...

Deuteronomy 16:17

All shall give as they are able, 

according to the blessing of the

Lord your God that he has given you."